A fully customized RSS organizer


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One of the most used features by serious Internet users is the news feeds feature. The more RSS feeds you follow, the more necessary an RSS feed organizer becomes to keep you from wasting too much time looking at them all.

In addition to collecting information and news, RSSOwl helps you distribute and organize the content on your screen however you want. The toolbar offers plenty of different options, like marking all the stories as read, and more.

While every RSS feed organizer does these things, RSSOwl also lets you complete an internal news search and includes content in a variety of languages.

If you've never used a program like this, this one could be your first. But if you already have an RSS feed organizer, this one probably won't surprise you.

The subscription feature in previous versions is replaced by synchronized blogrolls in this version. These are incompatible because the second one is in OPML format.

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